The Registration Process

The verification process is actually pretty painless. You just have to somehow prove that your real name is Dave. How, you might ask? It's up to you! Here are some suggestions:

  • A picture of you holding a piece of paper that says "DAVE DIRECTORY"
  • Social media account(s)
  • Upload a picture of your ID
  • Anything else you can think of!

Sounds easy, right? Nothing too personal, but it is necessary to somehow verify your identity in order to uphold the high reputation of The Dave Directory and prevent any disgusting Fake Daves from getting in.


Dave 1 will review all applications and verification provided. It is solely up to his judgement to determine whether he thinks you're a legitimate Dave.

In order to maintain the Dave Directory's prestigious reputation, accounts may be rejected for reasons such as:

  • The social accounts provided are too new
  • Picture is somehow photoshopped or not enough information to verify your name
  • Dave 1 has other reason to suspect you are a Fake Dave

You will receive an email notification when the status of your account has been updated. Additionally, you can check the Dave Directory to see if it has been updated with your name!

If your account is approved, you'll be able to log right in and update your profile picture as well as list any social links you wish to display on your public entry.

Are you ready to immortalize yourself in history?